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fleche yorkin In September 1996, twenty Bribri indigenous families, constituted the Association of Organic Producers the Chumú, Bribri language that means "organic bananas. " His goal was to "improve the quality of life of organic banana producers through increased production and sales of organic bananas. "
For 8 years this organization attempted to develop the activity of organic bananas and then, we decided to create a new partnership based primarily on tourism and diversification of agriculture.

The new organization, called the Association of Tourism, Development and Organic Agriculture Yorkin, now comprises 18 families. Its purpose is to ensure the dignity and socio-economic upliftment of the people of Yorkín through diversification of production and development of rural community tourism.

In this aspect our association has taken up with enthusiasm and responsibility, and tourism is a tool for nature conservation and rescue of our traditions, visitors have the opportunity to learn
our ancestral practices in organic agriculture, preparation of cacao, archery and ancient songs dedicated to land Bribri, corn, cocoa and nature. Furthermore, in the magical
forest walks, our guides will tell secrets kept from his mountain, as wise guardians of our indigenous cultural heritage.

Doña Otilia

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