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Yorkin Natural Adventures is a paradise

fleche yorkin Yorkin Natural Adventures is a paradise in which you will feel part of our family….Nature and culture al in one place.

fleche yorkin A place for resting beside the Yorkin river, which is great to sail in indigenous canoes and enjoy a swim.

fleche yorkin A place with indigenous style huts and camping tents, surrounded by beautiful gardens, fruit tress and medicinal plants.

fleche yorkin A community characterized for being friendly and taking care of our visitors.

fleche yorkin An opportunity of eating all the chocolate you want.

fleche yorkin An opportunity to learn the bribri language, organic agriculture, handcraft and construction techniques, ancestral music, preparation of chocolate and an authentic lifestyle in harmony with nature.

fleche yorkin Walk by the majestic forest accompanied by local guides.

fleche yorkin A unique experience to cherish, live and share.

fleche yorkin An opportunity o contribute to a sustainable and productive activity that benefits the whole community.

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